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Transitioning through life changes in harmony

My name is Aitana Mac Gowan, I am a therapist and Hypnosis practitioner. 

I mainly work with people who are facing major life changes: loss of a close relation, separation, accident, wedding, pregnancy, major home moves or uprooting, shifts in your professional life (promotion, job loss, retirement, first job...). These times in life can trigger strong emotional upheaval and changes in your familiar routine, thereby questioning your sense of security and comfort, sometimes even your sense of purpose, and with a strong impression of "nothing will ever be the same again". 

I am here to help you transition through these life changes in the most harmonious way possible, helping you build day after day the new landmarks of your life, contemplate the future in a new way and progressively let go of the past, of what isn't here or now anymore". 

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What is Hypnosis ?

Hypnosis is different from your regular state of alertness. It is a technique that allows you to use your mind in a other way, by directing your attention towards your inner world.
Each person experiences hypnosis in their own way, because you are unique, and so is each hypnotic experience.

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Why Hypnosis ?

Hypnosis allows you to pay better attention to what is going on beneath your level of regular consciousness. This "sub-conscious" part of you stores your memories, expériences, learnings, beliefs, deepest desires, etc. By accessing this inner world, you can achieve deep understandings and effect lasting change on yourself.

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What can Hypnosis help you with?

Liberate, overcome, surpass, succeed, accept, let go, learn, manage, change...
Hypnosis can deal with a large range of issues. Find out more about the topics I can help you with at What for?

What happens during a Hypnosis session?

A Hypnosis session takes one hour.

There are two main work phases: the first phase is about discussing what brought you here, I ask questions so we may both deepen our understanding of your specific issue. During the second phase, I guide you into your hypnotic state so you can get things moving on a structural and emotional level.

Who am I?

My name is Aitana Mac Gowan, I am Irish and Spanish, and I've been living in France for more than 15 years. Following a career in Corporate Communications and Public Affairs in which I helped organisations define their brand and increase their visibility, I chose to focus on helping people take their life into their own hands and implement the changes they want.

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How to schedule a session ?

To schedule a session, send me an email at aitana@hypnosisinparis.com.

Please specify the topic you wish to address, your main availabilities and your mobile number. I will reply under 48h.

You can also send me an sms at                    +33 (0)7 83 24 83 13.

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Contact and Location

Adresse : 14 rue Condorcet, 75009 Paris.
Téléphone : 07 83 24 83 13
Mail : aitana@hypnoseinparis.com

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