Hypnosis can help you :
Adjust Behaviours Addictions, eating habits, phobias, sleep issues, procrastination...
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Deal with Emotions Anger, trauma, fear, anxiety, stress, burnout, relationship issues...
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Physical symptoms Physical trauma, pain management, skin irruptions, weight control, sexual dysfunctions, stuttering...
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Personal growth Concentration, memory, preparing exams, sports, enhance learning capacities Self-exploration and realisation
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By working directly with your subconscious mind, hypnosis allows you to access inner resources in order to adjust certain patterns or unconscious learnings you’re unhappy with and regain command of your life.
How does it works ?

Aitana Mac Gowan

I’m a therapist and certified hypnosis practitioner. Sessions are available in French and English.

Follow the link below to find out more about who I am and how I work.

Contact at + 33 (0) 7 83 24 83 13 – aitana@hypnoseinparis.com